LuaDNS Blog

  • Mar 06 2024 » HTTPS Record

    Today we added support for HTTPS records. The RFC 9460 introduces two new records, one of them is the HTTPS record which improves the speed, security and efficiency of how the browsers connect to servers. read more »

  • Oct 07 2019 » SSH Key Authentication

    We moved now to a more general solution based on SSH keys authentication for repository access, this allows you to use other hosts or self-hosted (Gitea/Gogs, etc) repositories. We increased global coverage with 3 more POPs in our Anycast Network. read more »

  • Dec 10 2017 » Anycast DNS

    Today we have to announce that we successfully migrated to Anycast DNS, this is was a major achievement in our multi year roadmap. read more »

  • Jun 18 2017 » CAA Record

    Learn how to prevent unauthorized Certificate Authorities issuing certificates for your domains. read more »

  • Feb 15 2015 » Redirect Record

    This new pseudo record helps you to redirect web visitors for a domain/subdomain to an URL without an external web server. read more »

  • May 15 2014 » Alias Record

    Today we are introducing the ALIAS Record, this pseudo record allows you to add CNAME functionality to root (naked, apex, bare) domains. read more »

  • Apr 10 2014 » Yes, we are alive!

    It's been a long time since we didn't posted to our blog. I would like to answer to one of the questions we do receive frequently. Yes, we are alive! :) read more »

  • Sep 24 2012 » Amazon Route 53 integration

    We have implemented integration with Amazon Route 53 service. Now, you can benefit from Amazon's anycast network to get high availability and improved performance. read more »

  • May 15 2012 » Bind zone files

    With native support for Bind zone files you can try the LuaDNS platform without migrating your zone files to Lua format. read more »

  • Apr 18 2012 » How to manage your DNS with GitHub

    Reading this post you'll learn how to manage your DNS with GitHub. read more »

  • Apr 14 2012 » AXFR transfers

    Master-slave configurations are now possible, we have implemented AXFR transfers which allows you to add secondary name servers. read more »

  • Mar 14 2012 » Additional record types

    Support for AAAA, PTR, SPF, SRV record types was added. read more »

  • Feb 10 2012 » LuaDNS is live!

    Hello everyone!
    After months of coding fun, tens of coffee cups, we have finally launched LuaDNS! Managing DNS zones it's not boring anymore. LuaDNS is a managed DNS service which is built differently than traditional services ... read more »

  • Dec 15 2011 » Hello, world!

    This is the first more »